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Esther Nsapu, GPJ DRC
In Goma, a city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, people who fear they have been poisoned with a locally made potion called karuho often turn to Riziki Mbeta. The healer began learning folk medicine about 10 years after ethnic hostilities in neighboring Rwanda began spilling into the DRC, spreading fear of revenge killings. While neither the potency of the poison nor the effectiveness of its antidotes has been scientifically verified, even health care professionals refer patients to Mbeta. Nonetheless, some reports suggest “karuho phobia” causes locals to assume they’ve been poisoned when they are suffering from more common diseases, such as tuberculosis.
Aliya Bashir, GPJ India
It’s entirely possible to liberate oneself from oppressive standards of beauty while enhancing one’s allure, says Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, co-author of “Sexy Feminism.” But it’s not easy.
Marissa Revilla, GPJ Mexico
Young women who belong to native ethnic groups in southeast Mexico conserve their cultural heritage while adopting elements of modern urban style.
Nadia Sanders, GPJ Mexico
The legislative body of Mexico City, the only place in Mexico where transgender people can register their new gender identities on their birth certificates, has just approved a legal reform that will make the gender registration process cheaper and easier.
Prudence Phiri, GPJ Zambia
The artificial hair business flourishes in Africa, where many women embrace Western standards of beauty.
Shilu Manandhar, GPJ Nepal
Transgender men and women in Nepal struggle to obtain the treatments they need to fulfill their true identities, including saving up their wages for surgeries and risking potentially severe side effects from the unsupervised use of hormone replacement drugs.
Aliya Bashir, GPJ India
South Asian women, exercising new freedoms and determined to hold their husbands’ attention, are working out as never before.
Photo from the controversial Maliban ad that ran in late October.
Indignation voiced on social media spur the removal of a biscuit commercial that depicts fair-skinned woman as more appealing than dark-skinned women.
Kumala Wijeratne, GPJ Sri Lanka
Transgender people in Sri Lanka find it challenging to maintain their gender identity in a conservative culture that does not formally recognize a third gender.
Chathuri Dissanayake GPJ Sri Lanka
In recent decades, Sri Lankan women have come to value stylized beauty so highly that even those of modest means spend a sizable portion of their income on salon services and personal care products.