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Mary Wairimu, GPJ Kenya
A cleric in Kenya, where homosexual conduct is a crime and homosexuality is widely considered a sin, is promoting a different stance by welcoming gays and lesbians into his church. He also visits other churches and mosques to preach acceptance of gay people. The priest’s church has lost parishioners and his wife’s school has lost pupils because of his work.
Lucila Pellettieri, GPJ Argentina
An Argentine scientist has dedicated 10 years of his life to creating a device to facilitate speech for people with impairments. His report on the research, which a top international science journal proclaimed one of the most important studies published in 2013, details his team’s success in synthesizing voice using birdsong.
Chathuri Dissanayake GPJ Sri Lanka
An ancient form of fighting taught to warriors, angampora is filled with acrobatic moves that are as graceful as they are deadly, says the school’s founder and master, Mahanthaarachchige Ajantha Perera.