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Apophia Agiresaasi, GPJ Uganda
Ugandan inmates pursuing educational opportunities behind bars anticipate pursuing productive careers upon release.
Marissa Revilla, GPJ Mexico
In the face of the alarming rate of cesarean sections in Mexico, some doctors are becoming midwives, a role traditionally fulfilled by indigenous women.
Argentine football fans travel to Buenos Aires, the nation’s capital, to view the 2014 World Cup championship match between Argentina and Germany and join the festive street parties taking place throughout the city.
Although their team lost the final World Cup match, Argentines celebrate their strong showing in the competition and remain grateful for the monthlong distraction from the country’s dire economic problems.
Aliya Bashir, GPJ Indian-administered Kashmir
Ghulam Muhammad Zaz is the last man in a long line of traditional musical instrument-makers in Jammu and Kashmir state who still makes the Kashmiri santoor. His family has been crafting the instrument for eight generations. Having no one to whom he can pass along his intricate skills, Zaz says the art soon will die.
Bettina D'Alessandro, GPJ Argentina
Committed to preserving Buenos Aires’ architectural heritage, the city government operates a free school that teaches restoration trades in the historic center of the city. After 14 years in operation, the school will graduate its first class this year, having just offered a technical assistant degree course last year. School authorities aim to broadcast the work of the academy so the entire community can benefit from its training.
Nakinti Nofuru, GPJ Cameroon
English-speaking Cameroonians say they ordinarily feel alienated in a nation dominated by Francophones. Anglophone Cameroon comprises just over 16 percent of the country’s population. But Anglophones say that watching the national football team compete in the World Cup awakens their pride and patriotism.
Yam Kumari Kandel, GPJ, Nepal
Anemia is increasing in Nepal, posing particular risks to pregnant teenagers and women in rural areas, experts say. One teen mother shares her story.
Nakinti Nofuru, GPJ, Cameroon
Female condom sales have increased in Bamenda, Cameroon, as a local organization recruits and trains hairdressers to sell the product in their salons.
Aliya Bashir, GPJ, Indian-Administered Kashmir
Although the federal and state governments are spending more on health care in rural parts of the Kashmir Valley, pregnant women say they do not see substantial improvements in the quality of medical services.
Mayela Sánchez, GPJ, Mexico
With Mexico’s teen fertility rate rising over the past 15 years, experts and teen mothers evaluate government prevention efforts.