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Lucila Pellettieri, GPJ Argentina
Argentina plans an all-out effort to exterminate the American beaver from its territory, undoing the biological blunder it committed when it introduced the species on the Tierra del Fuego archipelago nearly seven decades ago. The beaver population has doubled to 100,000 over the past 20 years, causing extensive environmental damage. In cooperation with neighboring Chile, Argentina aims to launch the eradication program this fall.
Yam Kumari Kandel, GPJ Nepal
Across Nepal, wholesalers dump vegetables and fruits a few days after they are delivered because produce spoils quickly in the country’s open-air markets. On some days they dump as much as half of the produce they have taken on consignment, causing great losses to struggling farmers. The government is striving to redress the situation by training farmers and transporters in grading and packing techniques and by constructing large cold storage facilities.
Nakinti Nofuru, GPJ Cameroon
In Cameroon, poverty and the need for domestic workers fuel trafficking in child laborers. Trafficked children often work long hours without adequate pay, and many are subjected to violence and sexual abuse. Across Cameroon, individuals, the government and nongovernmental organizations are assisting abused workers and bringing to justice violators of the nation’s 2005 child trafficking law.
Shilu Manandhar, GPJ Nepal
The Nepalese government, under pressure from China, has sharply constricted the rights and movements of Tibetan refugees living within its borders. Since the government stopped issuing refugee identity cards to Tibetan refugees in 2002, many exiles – and their offspring – have been unable to enter college, land permanent jobs and travel outside their host country. Even Tibetans who have never stepped foot in Tibet find they cannot gain traction in the country they would like to make their home.
Aliya Bashir, GPJ Indian-administered Kashmir
Transgender women face rejection by their families and severe discrimination in Kashmiri society. A 2013 Indian Supreme Court verdict criminalizing homosexual conduct has further marginalized them, transgender women say. Noting that Islam, the dominant faith in the region, extols tolerance and inclusion, they look forward to a time when they are accepted and respected as social equals.
Aliya Bashir, GPJ, Indian-Administered Kashmir
In some poor countries, you can count the number of psychiatrists on one hand. In wealthier regions, it’s easy to find someone who can treat a mental health problem.
Dina González, GPJ, Argentina
While Argentines take anti-anxiety medications at about the same rate as citizens of other industrialized countries, some experts warn that general practitioners overprescribe these medications to control stress-induced symptoms without seeking long-term solutions.
Yam Kumari Kandel, GPJ, Nepal
Reacting to the pressure of added duties and fear for the health of their marriages, nearly 50 wives of migrant workers killed themselves in Nepal last year, underscoring the need to ramp up mental health services.
Chathuri Dissanayake, GPJ, Sri Lanka
Social media creates an opportunity for people to harass their peers online, creating a pervasive atmosphere of hostility that can undermine a teenager’s self-esteem, personality development and sense of security.
Kalpana Khanal, GPJ, Nepal
Since it was introduced in Nepal in 2010, music therapy has helped more than 400 autistic children learn to listen attentively and express themselves in words.